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Early in 2005, I discussed the strange principles of quantum physics with a friend from
Bayonne, NJ and became inspired to put together this overview based on the
watershed of internet information on the subject. Enjoy!  -vjw-

"There are two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a
 miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle." -- Albert Einstein

Quantum Mechanics Overview


Some Basic Ideas About Quantum Mechanics (added 02/19/2005)

The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle

The Photoelectric Effect - Particle/Wave Duality?

The Principle of Superposition and the Double Slit Experiment

The Feynman Double Slit - Particle/Wave Duality Explained

Faster Than Light?

Quantum Physics and Reality - pdf file

Does God Play Dice? - Black Holes, Probabilities and the Laws of Science

Quantum Entanglement for Dummies (added 03/04/2005)

Gedanken (Thought) Experiments

The EPR Paradox

Schrödinger's Cat

Schrödinger's Cat for a 6th Grader

Interactive Schrödinger's Cat Experiment - Amusement

Schrödinger's Cat Comes Into View

Bell's Theorem Overview - The Most Profound Discovery of Science

Links to Other Quantum Mechanics Thought Experiments

Atoms and Quantized Energy Levels

Click on the chart below to visit GSU's Dept. of Physics and Astronomy
site with pages to explain each of the entries below

The Hydrogen atom is the simplest, so it's widely used to illustrate concepts in both
classical and quantum physics. The following section delineates important basic concepts.

Atomic Structure

Quantized Energy States, The (Classical) Bohr Model and Failures Thereof

The Size of Atoms

Emission and Absorption of Photons

Probability Wave Amplitude
(quantum effects are restricted to the realm of small masses)

Fundamental Forces and the Strong Force

Quantum Harmonic Oscillator

Subatomic Particles

The Particle Adventure (Slide Show)



Spin, Charm and Strangeness and Confinement



The Pauli Exclusion Principle

Fermions and Bosons

Fundamental Particles and Interactions - Nice Charts!

Energy Distribution and Blackbody Radiation Classical vs. Quantum

Blackbody Spectrum - Nice Java Applet!

Do Pentaquarks Really Exist? (added 02/09/2005)

Electromagnetism (EM) and EM Field Theories

Introduction to the Electromagnetic Spectrum (added 02/19/2005)

More About the Electromagnetic Spectrum (added 02/19/2005)

Maxwell's Equations - Classical Formulas and Extensions That Include QED
(Not for Mathematical Lightweights)

QED (Quantum Electrodynamics)

Unified Field Theory Definition

Unified field Theory

A Theories of Everything?

Super String Theory - Tutorial

Official String Theory Website

String Theory - A Romance of Many Dimensions pdf file (added 02/09/2005)

The Earth's Magnetic Field - Preparing to flip its polarity? (added 01/25/2005)

Optics Enters the Single-Cycle Regime (added 02/09/2005)

Basics of Faster-Than-Light Signals (.pdf) (added 02/09/2005)

Quantum Physics Applications
Making an observation affects the phenomenon

Atomic Clocks - Humanity's Most Precise Way to Measure Time
Anyone who uses the Global Positioning System (GPS) benefits from atomic time.

Atomic Clock Overview
Cesium Fountain
Spooky Atomic Clocks (Quantum Entanglement)

Nanomechanical Device Bridges Classic and Quantum Physics (added 02/10/2005)

Hydrogen Energy Project Achieves Breakthrough (added 02/22/2005)

How Spintronics Will Replace Electronics (added 04/09/2005)

Philosophy and Quantum Physics

Quantum Approaches to Consciousness

Symmetry and Symmetry Breaking

Collapse Theories

Rochelle's Philosophy Web Site

Holism and Nonseparability in Physics

Consciousness, the Brain and Space-Time Geometry - pdf file (32 pages)

Consciousness and War

Levels of Consciousness

Physics, Religion, Spookiness and Kookiness

Cargo Cult Science - Dr. Feynman's 1974 Caltech Commencement Speech (added 02/19/2005)
Aldous Huxley 1961 Interview Excerpts (added 02/19/2005)
The Alternative Physics and Cosmology FAQ
Quantum Teleportation

    Quantum Teleportation at IBM
    Quantum Teleportation, Information and Cryptography (added 01/31/2005)
Wave Particle Duality
Quantum Physics, Depth Psychology and Beyond
Quantum Physics, Synchronicity and the Tarot

Eastern Religions and Modern Physics
Quantum Physics and Mahayana Buddhism
Does Science Undermine Religion? - pdf file
Preface to Fritjof Capra's, "The Tao of Physics"

Review and introduction to Gary Zukav's, "The Dancing Wu Li Masters"
Hinduism and Quantum Physics
Einstein: Plagiarist of the Century
The Secret Teachings of All Ages
The Nature of Consciousness Debate
The Secret of the Ages
Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP featured in Hollywood Movie White Noise)
Quantum Quackery - What the Bleep? (added 01/31/2005)
Is There Life Between Lives? (added 02/07/2005)
Bending Metal Using Psychokenesis (added 02/10/2005)
Teleportation via Worm-holes (added 03/04/2005)
Zen Blues (Edd Knowle's web site) (added 04/09/2005)
Does Life Have Purpose and Meaning?  (added 04/09/2005)

The death of Richard Feynman (added 04-09-2005)

Joan Feynman [Feynman's sister]: One day I got Gweneth [Feynman's wife] on the phone and asked her, you know, what's happening? And she told me, "Richard says he wants to die, and that it's your decision." My decision? That was sort of unexpected.

I think he must have figured out ahead of time, "How do you tell when it's time to quit? When you're feeling sick and you're feeling terrible you might say it's time to quit. But if you have courage you wouldn't." So I think that what he must have done is decide that when he felt it was time to die, and if Gweneth and I agreed, then it was time to go.

. . .When I came in he was lying there and he said: "Decision?" Because he couldn't talk very well. I said: "Yes, you're going to die." And his whole body just relaxed. . . . He apologized to Dr. Morton, the cancer specialist. He apologized for dying.

. . . He soon went into a coma . . . In the coma, his hand was moving, and Gweneth said that the doctors had told her that the motion is automatic, and it doesn't mean anything. So this man who had been in a coma for a day and a half or something, and hadn't moved, picks up his hands, and goes like this, like a magician, as if to say, "Nothing up my sleeve," and then he put his hands behind his head. It was to tell us that when you're in a coma you can hear, and you can think.

The other message which I think he wanted out was a little later. He pulled himself up out of the coma and opened his eyes briefly and said, "This dying is boring", and then went back into the coma. This sense of humor is a bit macabre, but that's what he said. That is the last thing he said.

—Christopher Sykes, No Ordinary Genius: the illustrated Richard Feynman

Interesting Stuff

Five Papers That Shook the World

Brownian Motion

Physics and the Communications Industry

Can hot water freeze faster than cold water?

Nanowires Form Atomic Switch

Voracious Black Hole Generates Most Powerful Explosion Known

Observation of Material Circling a Super-Massive Black Hole

Why Women Live Longer Than Men

Keeping Warm With Frozen Smoke

Consciousness, Microtubes and The Quantum World

Synchronicity (added 01/30/2005)

Crazy Radio Gives Patients a Voice (added 02/09/2005)

Falling In Love in Three Minutes or Less (added 02/14/2005)

Brain Damaged Woman Talks After Twenty Years (added 02/14/2005)

Can Death Be Postponed for Holidays? (added 02/19/2004)

Educational Toys and Gifts (added 02/19/2005)

There Are No Mistakes - Only Lessons (added 02/19/2005)

If at First you Don't Succeed ... (added 02/19/2005)

Life's Not Fair - Get Used To It (added 02/19/2005)

That's Life (added 02/19/05)

To Err Is Human ... (added 02/19/2005)

Worry and Regret (added 02/19/2005)

A Pessimist Is Never Disappointed (added 02/19/2005)

Take Time to Love the Little Things (added 02/19/2005)

Poem and Quote Subject Index (added 02/19/2005)

Green Tea Extract Shows Promise As Anti-Cancer Agent (added 02/19/2005)

String Theory and The Cosmic Landscape (added 02/21/2005)

The Center of the Population of the USA (added 02/24/2005)

Ancient Answers for Modern Problems  pdf file (added 03/05/2005)

Moonbeams Shine on Einstein, Galileo and Newton (added 03/07/2005)

Dreaming, Illusion and Reality (added 03/07/2005)

  Additional Online Resources

The Physics Virtual Bookshelf

Google Maps

Keyhole (Satellite Images)

Scientific American

Technology Research News

Physics Web

 The Industrial Physicist

Center for Integral Science




First Science.com


 The Science Page


Science Daily Magazine


Institute of Physics


Physics Journals and Magazines


Astrobiology Magazine

Medical News Today

American Scientist

Other Science Journals Online


Acoustical Physics

The Nature of a Sound Wave
(Excellent High School Level Explanation)

Physics of Sound

More on Physics of Sound

Various Written Demonstrations

The Doppler Effect

Doppler Effect Demo Java Applet

Another Doppler Effect Demo

Dynamic Range and Sound Quality

Audio CD's Cheating on Dynamic Range?

Good Old Fashioned Vacuum Tubes in Amplifiers

Whistle Language?

Hemi-Sync and Altered States of Consciousness

Acoustical Physics in Action - Tony Marino's Latin Jazz Sounds

Fundamentals of Digital Audio (added 01/31/2005)

The Basics of Digital Audio  (added 01/31/2005)

The Specifics of Sampling  (added 01/31/2005)

Music Technology Dictionary  (added 01/31/2005)

Nuclear Fusion via Sonoluminescence - "Star in a Jar" (added 02/21/2005)

Bubbles Feel the Heat (added 03/04/2005)

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